September 16, 2021







Cloudscape 2021: Digitally Enabled. Cyber Secured. 

Whether you’re a C-Level Exec, an IT Director, an Architect, or an Engineer, you’ll gain valuable insight into deploying the latest digital-era IT strategies to achieve services innovation and business success.

Cloudscape 2021 is packed with IT industry speakers, a CIO roundtable, a technology expo where you can talk one-on-one with experts (and win prizes!), and breakout sessions tackling a broad range of important topics including:

Welcome to Cloudscape 2021: Digitally Enabled. Cyber Secured.
A Message from Mario Brum, GreenPages’ Director of Technical and Business Advisory Services

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Cloudscape 2021: Digitally Enabled. Cyber Secured.

Thursday, September 16th
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9:00am - 9:30am (EST)

Accelerating Out of the Pandemic: GreenPages Adaptations to Digital Market Trends

GreenPages' CEO, Ron Dupler, will discuss digital market trends and GreenPages' ongoing transformation to better serve our clients in the digital era. 

9:30am - 10:15am (EST)

CIO Panel: A.R.C. - Acts of Ransomware Chaos & The Effect on IT Operations Management 

We’re all acutely aware of the dramatic increase in ransomware attacks. This year alone, 37% of all business and organizations were hit by ransomware. We also know that IT leaders can prevent file encryption, locked systems, and stolen data by implementing and following stringent, continuous security protocols. Join us for a live, candid discussion with a panel of industry thought leaders on the challenges that ransomware poses to IT Operations Management and important policies IT Operations leaders can enact now to protect their organizations.

Presented by Mario Brum, Director of Technical and Business Advisory Services with Special Guests,

Kevin Powers, J.D., Founder, Director, and Professor of Cyber & National Security Programs, Boston College

Jay Pasteris, CIO & CISO, GreenPages

Rob Drew, CIO, Atrium Innovations

10:15am - 10:30am (EST) Partner Spotlight Break - HPE
10:30am - 11:30am (EST) Partner Expo (Open Until 3:30pm!)
11:30am - 11:45am (EST) Partner Spotlight Break - Dell
11:30 - 11:45am (EST) Break
11:45 - 12:30pm (EST)

Lunch /Featured Keynote: Managing Performance in an Uncertain and Disruptive World

How often do we lie to ourselves about our stress levels? “Sure, I can squeeze another project into my schedule. No problem!” Now add in the current pandemic with back-to-back, impersonal Zoom meetings and work becomes even more isolating. No water cooler talk. No windshield time driving with a co-worker to a client meeting. The level of burnout that people are experiencing in today’s world is high and it is real.

As a leader, you’re tasked with unlocking the potential of the people on your team. But you can’t do that if you aren’t taking care of yourself. So how can you manage differently? How can you get out of your own way and lead more effectively? Join us for an enlightening discussion about the hard and honest questions you must ask yourself in order to build a successful and healthy work environment—one based on curiosity, optimism, accountability, and kindness.

Presented by Bob Brennan, Chairman, Fairwinds; Chairman, BitSight; Board of Directors, Thoughtworks; Strategic Advisor, Entrepreneurship for All

12:30 - 12:45pm (EST) Partner Spotlight Break - Veeam
Executive Track Technology Track
12:45 - 1:30pm (EST)

Mafia Moves: How to Combat Ransomware Extortion

Ransomware is big business and no one is immune. Any persistent, economically motivated threat actor can defeat even the most diligent organization’s security controls. A ransomware attack can be devastating to a company if all their data has been encrypted including any means of recovery.

In fact, the estimated global financial impact of ransomware attacks in 2020 is $20 billion, up from $11.5 billion in 2019, with this number expected to increase. Ransomware attackers are highly organized, professional, and ruthless, and are primarily after one thing: money.

In this session, we will walk you through the anatomy of a ransomware attack and show you, step by step, what to expect, including how backups are targeted and permanently destroyed using real-world examples from actual ransomware incidents.

We will then provide suggestions to protect against such attacks with details on best practices and tools to ensure you are protecting your valuable assets in the smartest and most strategic way possible.

Presented by Randy Becker & Nate McDonald

What's New in Azure: Feature Updates, Cost Governance & Security Tools

Join us for a special discussion on all things new in Microsoft Azure. We’ll discuss a wide range of topics including what’s in preview, what’s coming, and why moving to Azure can help you optimize and grow your business. We’ll cover Azure Sentinel and the Microsoft Defender Platform and how you can strengthen the security of your entire enterprise. And last, we’ll explore Cost Advisory and Governance in Azure, including lessons learned and best practices to ensure you’re not paying more for cloud than you should.

Presented by David Barter

1:30 - 1:45pm (EST) Partner Spotlight Break - Lenovo
1:45 - 2:30 pm (EST)

AI for IT Operations Management - The New Norm - Prediction and Prevention

IT Operations Management systems must become intelligent to Predict and Prevent Service and Infrastructure issues and accelerate remediation. They must also be able to provide automated correlation and diminish war room requirements. Humans can no longer keep up! Join us for a special debate on the future of IT Operations Management and how companies can gain the cross-functional capabilities to observe, triangulate, triage, and resolve with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Presented by Mario Brum

How to Avoid the Top 10 Governance & Security Mistakes in AWS 

AWS governance and security doesn't need to be an abstract concept, nor does it need to be difficult to implement. We will discuss the common mistakes organizations make when moving and operating workloads in AWS, and how you can achieve the optimal balance between agility, governance, and security.

Presented by Jeff Fudge 

2:30 - 2:45pm (EST) Partner Spotlight Break Sophos - The State of Ransomware 2021
2:45 - 3:30pm (EST)

The Modern Data Journey with Power Platform 

How much visibility do you truly have across all of your systems of record? Are you struggling to understand, visualize, and unify data through multiple dashboards? Are you unsure if your business decisions are based on accurate information? Join us for a discussion on what makes up Microsoft’s Modern Data Architecture and how it’s easier than you think to modernize your critical business data platform. We’ll cover best practices for Power Platform and answer questions such as what is it, do I own it, and how do I use it? We’ll also outline the journey from managing data on Excel spreadsheets to live data with Power BI.

Presented by David Barter

Creating an Effective Cloud Consumption Strategy with Automation

Cloud isn't always easy and cloud automation can feel like a pipe dream. It’s a challenge to scale across hybrid cloud environments with the speed, security, and governance that modern business demands. Join us for a special discussion where we dive into what it takes to deploy and maintain a well-architected, compliance-ready, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment with automation. We’ll also go over new features and functionality in our Cloud Xcelerator program so that no matter where you are in your cloud journey, you can deploy with speed and security through automation.

Presented by Jeff Fudge

Cloudscape Speakers

Ron Dupler
Ron Dupler

Mario G Brum II

Director of Technical and Business Advisory Services

Jay Pasteris

Jay Pasteris

Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Jay Pasteris

Kevin Powers

J.D., Founder, Director, and Professor of Cyber & National Security Programs

Boston College

Rob Drew

Chief Information Officer

Atrium Innovations
Simon Johnson

Randy Becker

VP & Principal Security Architect
Nate McDonald

Nate McDonald

Information Security Engineer
Nate McDonald

Jeff Fudge

Director Advisory Services SE
Nate McDonald

David Barter

Director and Principal Architect Microsoft Cloud

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Cloudscape is GreenPages’ largest, annual IT event that will be virtual again this year! That means we get to collaborate with our long-standing clients and colleagues… AND meet new ones as well!
From C-Level IT Executives to IT Directors to Architects and Engineers, you’ll gain valuable insight into the latest digital-era IT strategies—approaches that are more crucial than ever as we find new ways to deliver innovative services while combatting the rising threat of cybercrime. Cloudscape 2021: Digitally Enabled & Cyber Secured is packed with IT industry speakers, breakout sessions tackling a broad range of important technology and business topics, and a technology expo where you can talk one-on-one with experts (and win prizes!).
Yes, you will need to complete the registration process in order to be able to attend the conference.
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